Erik (35mmhalide) wrote in beatadrunk,

No To Drunk Driving

I've heard a lot of shocking occurrences caused by drunk drinking. It's so sad to know that innocent and promising lives are put to waste because of this irresponsible act by some neglectful people. I'm not here to condemn alcohol drinks, but I am absolutely against drunk driving, and this has to stop now. We've been told a lot of times that we should never ever put ourselves behind the wheel when we get drunk. I mean, I'd rather have some good times relaxed and seated on a bar stool and then later on call a taxi to take me to my place and sleep, than getting drunk and stupidly decides to have some dangerous fun on the road behind the wheel. Wrong move.

I'm glad we have a bunch of concerned citizen who are stepping up to stop drunk driving like MADD. I wish them well and I am here to support their campaign.
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